My first website using WordPress

This post is day 2 of the FromBlogsToBlocks campaign, celebrating WordPress 20th anniversary.

In 2006, I started my first online business as a virtual assistant. The same year, I built my first website ever. Hello Fireworks buttons and clipart!! And the font…. hmmm.

I think the funniest part of this story was my call with GoDaddy support. I bought my first domain with them, built my site and then called them to ask how come my site was not live? All I saw was a “parked page”. Fifteen minutes and two support reps, somebody figured out that my site wasn’t live because I never bought hosting for it.

By 2010, the old site looked outdated and that class on how to build sites with WordPress was really making me lose sleep, so I took the plunge and redesigned my site. I kept the clipart, it may be an assumption, but maybe I didn’t know how to work with digital photography back then. So, it is WordPress and I used the default theme, Classic.

Am glad to have learned some digital etiquette cause that block of text is hurting my eyes. But I had a privacy statement and four pages. There was no blog in this website.