My contribution to WordPress in 2024

I don’t always write posts about goals because I like to keep them private. This year, I would love to increase my contribution to the WordPress project to 20 hrs. per week. And these would only be possible if I manage to find sponsorship.

Since the amount of time is short, my focus is going to be in the documentation team with very specific tasks and goals.

The projects

  • Documentation translation
  • 6.5 release squad – documentation co-lead
  • Limited involvement in the redesign
  • Documentation team handbook
  • Planning for end-user documentation for the Playground and Mobile
  • Contributor Mentorship Program for as a mentor for the documentation/polyglots project
  • Speaking at WordCamps to continue with the documentation translation at the local level

Documentation translation

Documentation translation is the project closest to my heart. Ever since the team finished with the recategorization and a redesign of, I’ve been keen to bring the end-user documentation to as many users as possible and that means translating documentation into as many languages as it is possible.

Right now, we have many tools that can help with the translation itself, but that decision belongs to the WP translation teams. My involvement will focus on guiding the local teams in creating processes that will help them translate as fast and as easy as possible. Although, I would also like to experiment with AI tools to find improvements in the way we translate documentation.

There are many moving parts on this project, since I have been collaborating on the side with most of the teams, I would like to keep regular updates on how features and processes are developing to keep everyone informed.

6.5 Release squad

As documentation co-lead for the 6.5 release, I will focus on wrangling and writing articles for end-user documentation. redesign

Will continue collaborating in the redesign to improve the developer and documentation sites by bridging the redesign team with the documentation team.

Documentation handbook

The chapter on the team’s handbook related to HelpHub needs updating, including adding the new site map, the categories and the translation process.

End-user documentation for mobile and the Playground

There is a need to create articles for end-users for both mobile and the playground. The intention is to find use cases and then write. The redesign for documentation already has the ability to add these two categories to the landing page.

Contributor mentorship program for

This is a wonderful opportunity to pass on knowledge to new contributors. I will be working with two mentees to show them around documentation and how they can work with their local community to start translating.

Speaking at WordCamps

I would like to speak more about documentation translation on local WordCamps. The first WordCamp I am speaking is at WC Torrelodones on March 23-24, how to use GitHub to contribute to the design and documentation globals teams.