My name is Estela Rueda, I am a UX Strategist that loves working with WordPress. Besides WordPress, I enjoy working with teams to create easy to follow and satisfying experiences for websites.

Where am I from?

I really dislike this question because there are so many answers to it. But in all honesty, I consider myself a nomad. Born and raised in Mexico and the US. Proud graduate with a BS in Advertising from the Universidad de las Americas in San Jose, Costa Rica. Lived few years in Hoofddorp, The Hague and Bratislava. Nowadays, I am learning Italian, eating the most delicious bread and plan on enjoying the beach this summer in Trieste, Italy.

Who is the handsome guy in the photo?

That is Bruno, a cavapoo and my traveling companion. He is very well behave and only barks at the elevator when we are at home. He is also the star of my Instagram account.

Where can you find me?

I love to interact on X (aka Twitter) and write about documentation and design in WordPress.org. Sometimes I fill Instagram with holiday photos.

Podcasts & talks

Lately, I’ve been in podcasts talking about the importance of WordPress documentation translation and localization


Get in touch?

Best way to reach me:

estela [at] estelarueda.com

Second best

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find me on twitter.com/estelarueda

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