30-day click publish challenge

And I raised my hand again and joined this 30-day click publish challenge. That terrible habit of mine to saying yes to everything.

But I think this is going to be a good thing. I need to publish more, my blog needs a lot of loving. The last time I published something, the days were warmer and the sun was still up by 11 pm. So 30 days should be doable.

Starting today is a bit odd, right in the middle of the month, right in the middle of two deadlines, still I have to think of something and it better be interesting.

What is the challenge about?

Corey Miller from Post Status invited members to join him in a 30-day click publish challenge. What will I write about? A lot about what I am doing in WordPress.org, organizing WordCamps challenges, perhaps about UX and then there is my weekly post that comes out on Tuesdays on Medium, as part of my series 52 bad habits to change in 52 weeks.

I am sure I will find other things to write about. Starting is the most difficult part and here I am.

Join us if you like this challenge and let me know about your post in Twitter as @estelarueda.